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Why you need us

In difficult financial times, it is important that service providers have the ability to move away from the traditional methods of working. With a healthy respect of the past, Viaduct bring new and innovative methods of working to all the projects they are involved with

Our ‘Project in a Box’TM initiative is a good example of how we think. We combine the best of tradition, with the best of innovation and share the benefits.

With Local Authorities now having greater say in where their money is spent, the important thing is knowing how to spend it wisely. These difficult times can be a very good time to invest in infrastructure projects. Market conditions ensure good competitive tenders and half the battle towards ‘value for money’ is already won. Viaduct can help you to win the remaining battles.

We can help you to examine your business case, or simply convert your aspirations into a business case format. We can introduce you to potential funding bodies or simply help you to make representation to Government for funding support. Even if you are investing your own monies, Viaduct will help you protect your investment from day one, through to the whole life cycle of the project.

It is vitally important that your project receives the correct level of experience and knowledge, and our network of infrastructure connections coupled with the in-house capabilities will support you through these projects.We will help you to meet the objectives and aspirations of you and your customers.