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Why we’re different

Viaduct are different.

Easy to say, so to demonstrate how we are different, the following ten statements provide a glimpse of our philosophies and beliefs and it is these philosophies and beliefs that put us ahead of the rest.

1. Sustainability is our key driver

Be it the infrastructure projects we contribute to, the relationships we build with our business partners or simply the office supplies we regularly use, all of these are considered and managed in a sustainable manner.

2. Sharing Values

Viaduct aim to fully understand the needs of our customers. Everyone says this. We however, know that our Clients have their own customers, and have to meet the needs and demands from these customers, so wouldn’t it be simple if we shared this important challenge? In short, our Clients customers are our customers too. We want to help you to help them.

3. Helping the Bottom Line

With increasing financial burden placed upon the vast majority of people and subsequently organisations, it is important that Viaduct help our Clients and their passengers with this burden. Viaduct will do this by closely monitoring their own financial bottom line at the same time as managing project budgets effectively and efficiently, passing back the resultant benefits to our Clients, who can then in turn pass these back to the end-users.

4. Value Value Value

In addition to managing the bottom line, Viaduct do not wait to carry out value engineering or value management tasks. Any organisation involved in economic evaluation and commercial management should be constantly looking for ways to save the Client, projects and end-users money. Value for money does not mean reduced quality in any situation, but value for money can be achieved in many ways including innovation, collaboration and whole life cost analysis.

5. You get what you pay for!

The usual reason for saying this is to reinforce the fact that you are about to pay for an extremely cheap job or product, or you have paid extra to ensure you get something that lasts. When using Viaduct you get something else. If you choose Viaduct because of statements we have made or promises on delivery, that is exactly what we will deliver. We will not ‘win’ work promising one thing, then deliver another. You will receive exactly what we promise, no swapping of staff or pushing back of delivery dates here.

6. Honesty Pays

We have promised to give you exactly what you pay for, and we will do that, but we cannot promise that the advice we give is exactly what you want to hear. Viaduct approach all of their projects with the same outlook, and that outlook is to tell the truth even if the truth is hard to hear. Budgets have to be maintained, not stretched or even broken, so the commercial advice we give will give you the true facts. In addition to these facts we will also support you with ways and means of maintaining projects within budget through our continual value management. We feel that being honest allows you to make decisions, we also want to help you make these decisions by giving you alternative ways to get the right level of quality for the budgets available. In the long term honesty pays, honesty also helps with the efficient management of short term goals.

7. Low stays Low, High stays High

Sometimes big is beautiful but then others would say that size is not everything. Viaduct are a small company with the experience to perform at any level within infrastructure sectors. The benefits of this are that overheads of Viaduct are minimised while quality levels are high. The savings and efficiency of Viaduct’s size are passed directly to the Client. Viaduct do not skimp on quality however, our quality control procedures are extremely important simply because we stand by our projects.

8. Get Connected

It is important that you know our limitations, we will not promise to fulfill roles that are obviously suited to better experienced individuals or organisations. This does not mean that Viaduct simply slam the door shut on opportunities to develop our skills and experience, but what it does mean is that we have an extensive network of professionals who can provide both Viaduct and Viaducts Clients with the correct level of experience and knowledge. We will discuss openly who is best placed to meet the requirements of the project and will not be put off from suggesting alternative methods if the project benefits ultimately. Our network of individuals and organisations are a strong tool as demonstrated with our Project in a Box initiative, and this tool is offered to all of our Clients at any time.

9. Giving Back

Viaduct do not claim to be a hugely corporate organisation, and similarly we do not claim to have a statement of ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’, the reasons for which can be found in our Giving Back page on this website. We do firmly believe in giving back to communities, and this is through choice not simply because it looks good in brochures or bids. To this end we will be talking to our business partners about joint efforts in giving back to the communities that serve us all.

10. People

People are our focus. We enjoy interacting with Clients, Customers and fellow professionals. The team at Viaduct are simply that, a team. The human side of working together is often overlooked, especially when purse strings are being ever-tightened. Warwick University’s economics division reported in 2010 that a happy team is at least 12% more productive. we know that statistics can tell the wrong story, but the truth is we all want to enjoy working with differing teams and differing projects.