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What’s so sustainable about Viaduct?


Sustainability is fundamental to our thinking and doing

All of our projects help people to travel in a more sustainable manner, sustainability is a very positive side effect of public transport and this is very important to us.

We all recognise that this is simply not enough however, so we have approached sustainability as our key driver in all that we do. One of the most important processes to Viaduct is Life Cycle Analysis and looking at our projects and business relationships from a whole life perspective. We want to give the Client and our suppliers the ability to build projects with sustainability at the forefront of their decision making.

Viaduct can help you to determine the long and short term effects of using re-cycled materials, or demonstrate that by increasing your capital spend you will save money and carbon production levels over a given time.

It’s not just about our projects, we use public transport wherever possible, we offset our own carbon production if travelling by car, we use recycled materials throughout the office and even our office furniture is recycled. We have not skimped on quality, but by spending a bit more time and effort in sourcing our equipment, we have managed to maintain a sustainable approach.

We will keep this philosophy with your projects too.