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Giving back

As opposed to simply having a Corporate Social Responsibility statement, Viaduct have a personal preference to simply describe how we give something back to the community

We don’t want to be corporate about it, and we don’t want to stop with a statement.

Viaduct know that it is extremely important to add value to the communities in which we work, and this added value will be in many forms such as simple charitable donations of percentages of our profits through to getting out there and ‘mucking in’.

Viaduct welcome the opportunity to team-up with our project partners in giving something back to the community and society in general, and we will be continually looking at ways of doing this and keeping you all informed through our Twitter account.

Our supply chain is carefully selected to ensure that local communities benefit from working with us. We endeavour to source our materials and services from local like-minded organisations and individuals who also believe in sustainable sourcing.

The promise we make is to always look to improve the lives of others, in whatever form, wherever we work and wherever our projects are built.