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What we’ve done

Viaduct are proud to have a long standing relationship with several Clients including Centro and PreCast Advanced Track (PCAT)

Many projects within Centro’s Tram portfolio have had varying levels of input from Viaduct, and this relationship continues through innovative ways of improving infrastructure projects throughout the Midlands.

PCAT have an exciting and innovative precast concrete slab that can help to reduce infrastructure costs in many forms of transportation, and Viaduct are supporting PCAT with their commercial assessments and whole life costs.

Other notable projects where Viaduct have had a part to play include the following:-

  • Birmingham City Centre Extension, Depot Extension & Tram Purchase
  • Black Country Access Feasibility Studies
  • Bromsgrove Station Re-development
  • Whole Life Cost Analysis on structures for Network Rail across the UK
  • Life Cycle Cost analysis for the Bay Area Rapid Transit in San Francisco
  • Extension of the Underground Rail system in Baku, Azerbaijan
  • CAPEX and OPEX costs for the Egyptian Ministry of Finance on a new metro scheme
  • Whole Life Cost analysis for Network Rail
  • Northern Hub
  • Birmingham Airport
  • PCAT
  • Bid Support for Franchise Renewal
  • Estimate Validation for Worcestershire Parkway Station
  • Nottingham Express Transit extension and many more.

For a full list of all projects that Viaduct have played a part in, and details on how we made a difference, please contact us.